心血管,肾脏和代谢 (CVRM)

Improving and saving lives for the millions of 病人 living with CVRM diseases.

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Our commitment to advancing CVRM treatment

crvrm疾病对人的影响, society and our planet are immense and growing, 然而,他们仍然没有得到充分的诊断, undertreated and their interconnections under-recognised.1-7 These conditions affect hundreds of millions of people around the world; we estimate that one in three people with a CVRM disease are living with two or more of these chronic diseases.8

澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的目标是加强护理,改善数百万患有复杂慢性粒细胞增多症的患者的预后, to intervene early to protect vital organs, 减缓或阻止疾病进展, and one day even cure these often debilitating, progressive and life-threatening conditions.1

Through understanding the interconnections of these conditions, 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐能够扩大现有药物的使用范围,并建立世界上最广泛的药物之一, 最深和最强的crvrm管道.9 By 2032, we aim to be leading the world in CVRM therapies, helping to change the course and reach of medical practice.

Discover more about the interconnectivity of CVRM diseases, and our work to improve the lives of millions of people across the globe

Unmet needs and prevalence in CVRM diseases


Our R&D方法

科学研究正在推进澳门第一赌城在线娱乐对crvrm疾病如何相互关联的理解. 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐正在投资下一代治疗药物组合,这些治疗药物可以解决多种风险因素,并解决心肾和心脏代谢疾病的潜在驱动因素,以改善健康结果.

通过结合前沿科学, 数字技术, big data and AI with the skills and experience of talented people, our pipeline goes beyond traditional small molecules, 单克隆抗体和多肽, 包括核苷酸形式,如反义寡核苷酸和小干扰RNA, 新的基因和 细胞疗法 that have the potential to regenerate vital organs.

同时, we’re working with world-leading academics, 非政府组织(NGOs), 生物技术和其他行业合作伙伴, 医疗专业人员, 病人 and policymakers to improve detection and diagnosis, 简化临床试验, 扩大访问, and get our medicines to more people faster.


We are proud to be working with 医疗专业人员, 病人, governments and policy makers to improve access to healthcare, and remove barriers to diagnosis and optimal treatment. Our goal is to fundamentally change how CVRM diseases are detected, 诊断和治疗加速医疗实践的变化,为患者带来不同.


为肾脏健康做出改变 brings together patient organisations, 医学专家和业界呼吁各国政府和决策者认识到慢性肾脏疾病(CKD)是一个紧迫的全球卫生优先事项,并实施以患者为中心和基于证据的政策,以便及早发现, diagnosis and immediate access to care and recommended treatments.  By doing this we aim to bring the best possible outcomes for 病人, 卫生保健系统, 护理人员, 经济和地球. 该活动由澳门在线赌城娱乐与全球肾脏健康患者联盟共同创建,并由澳门在线赌城娱乐资助和制作.


建立在一个令人印象深刻的遗产在crvrm, 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐具有独特的优势,可以为患有crvrm疾病的人建立一个更健康、更长久的未来. Our team of over 1,000 people spans more than 23 functions including early and late R&D,医疗和商业.

Our employees are accomplished and experienced scientists, 研究人员, 临床医生, 以及医疗保健和商业专业人士,他们致力于推进新科学和推动实践变革,使crvrm疾病患者受益. 



加入澳门第一赌城在线娱乐,帮助澳门第一赌城在线娱乐应对crvrm疾病. 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的团队遍布全球, 中心在剑桥, 盖瑟斯堡, 威尔明顿和哥德堡. We’re proud to foster a culture of constant exploration, questioning and challenging to find ways to do things differently, and to make a positive difference in 病人' lives.


澳门第一赌城在线娱乐无法在本网站上提供澳门第一赌城在线娱乐处方药的详细信息, 遵守规定. 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的药物在个别国家获得了特定用途的批准,澳门第一赌城在线娱乐为患者提供的信息受当地法规的约束. 在某些情况下, 医疗保健专业人员和患者可以访问当地的澳门在线赌城娱乐网站,以了解有关澳门第一赌城在线娱乐药物的更多信息. Please note that in some countries we are not allowed to provide very much, 有时是任何, 关于澳门第一赌城在线娱乐处方药的信息,所以你应该寻找其他值得信赖的来源. Always ask a healthcare professional for advice about medicines.


澳门第一赌城在线娱乐有超过25种治疗方法和治疗组合在早期到晚期的管道中, 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐力求将真正的科学和发展用于防治危及生命的疾病. 今天,澳门第一赌城在线娱乐一流的科学研究为澳门第一赌城在线娱乐在疾病消退和器官再生领域的开创性方法奠定了基础, putting us a step closer to making science fiction a reality. 

Phase III/LCM Projects: refers to assets that are pivotal in Phase II/III, or that have been submitted for regulatory approval, 并且可能包括现在在一个或多个主要市场推出的资产(在所有适用的主要市场推出时删除).


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